What is Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)?


Salesforce has been a massive success for the past 16 years. Continuously, it has become the first major CRM solutions giver for years. Its ecosystem, as of last year, 2020, is about $73 billion alongside 83 percent of Fortune 500 firms utilizing Salesforce in 150,000 potential businesses.

The major aim for this involves the rise in products and firms’ number paving the way for their services in Salesforce’s marketplace. Thus, this is achieved by professional Salesforce consultants known as the Product Development Outsourcers or PDOs.

These PDOs have an excellent concentration around the technical aspect of the Salesforce operations. They comprehend the models of business for Independent Software Vendors or ISV. Consequently, this article will expound on Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer (PDO), emphasizing its major benefits, types, and how to find Salesforce PDOs on AppExchange.

Meaning of Salesforce PDO

PDOs (Product Development Outsourcers) is a set of consulting vendors and partners with the technical know-how of creating commercial apps and other essential services, such as funding, training, marketing, or even apps selling. The specialized partners could aid architects in designing commercial apps, tackling certain areas, such as integration of third-party or augment the development team.

Practically speaking, Salesforce PDOs’ duty is to handle every technical concern on developing the Salesforce app, third-party integrations, technical configuration or implementation, or component development.

Despite that the firms are majorly concentrated on the technical Salesforce aspect, they could equally work as a group extension for another Salesforce partner that might lack enough Salesforce development abilities.

Major Benefits of Salesforce PDOs

PDOs are exceptionally established to help partners in their quest to the AppExchange. However, the main benefits of Salesforce PDOs include:

  • PDOs mostly operate with your business team to prevent challenges in the aspect of technical work requirements.
  • They can operate the full technical solutions of Salesforce projects from scratch to apps deployment on AppExchange. They also deliver well in project implementation.
  • What’s more, PDOs can operate the full Salesforce security reviews and its process when there are ISV cases.
  • You can concentrate on product issues and principal business since PDOs operate majorly with integration, custom development, and app deployment.
  • Another advantage of PDOs is that they can handle several projects simultaneously when they work alongside other Salesforce firms that lack expertise or development capacity.
  • More so, when working with a nearshore or offshore Salesforce PDOs, you could reduce the expenses and increase the project profitability.
  • Also, PDOs aid in transferring every technical documentation; thus, your clients could utilize more needs alongside other partners or even different integrations.
  • Finally, PDOs make a successful pre-sales procedure and rightly examine the project budget and timelines.

Types of Salesforce PDOs

There are some clusters and levels for PDO firms. And the four types of Salesforce PDO organizations are:

1. The Certified Specialist

2. The Certified Navigator

3. The Specialist Navigator

4. The Master Navigator

Their major differences in the status of partnership showed in the search filtering of the AppExchange and some extra domain expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem. There are distinct requirements that are different for every level. The PDO program features specialization directories for the partners that would be present for prominent two PDO tiers; Masters Navigator and Specialist Navigator.

Some of the specialties aren’t in the Master selection of PDO on the story or project submission form. This is because the specialization is in another called Product Master. Those that begin under PDO are specified under PDO Masters. However, these are specializations possible lists:

  • PDO; the security review and AppExchange listings.
  • PDO; Integration- Connects Apps- Lightning Connect.
  • PDO; Namespaces- the managed plans.
  • PDO; LMA- COA- The environment hub.
  • Custom apps development; the process
  • PDO; the lightning component.
  • PDO; the shield
  • PDO; the Einstein analytics
  • PDO; the trial force
  • Salesforce Platform; Custom apps development- the coding
  • Salesforce Platform; Data services and Heroku application development.
  • Salesforce Platform; Huge volumes of data.
  • Salesforce Platform; The mobile customer apps development.
  • Community Cloud; A community self-service.

How to Locate Salesforce PDOs on AppExchange

AppExchange is the store that empowers companies to extend the Salesforce functionality in every industry and department. It is the online marketplace concerning Salesforce apps and consulting. The AppExchange platform features a filter used in AppExchange apps development. Salesforce account managers or technical evangelists could refer the right PDOs that would be excellently suited for given requirements.

Those Responsible for PDOs in Salesforce

These are the three people in Salesforce found that are engaged in partner processes concerning the PDO program.

  • Verity Denman; An EMEA Senior Partner Program Manager in Salesforce
  • Ravi Ravichandran; The Architect in Salesforce.
  • Marc Kuster; The Director, AppExchange and ISV Technical Enablement EMEA in Salesforce.

Synebo is a product development, Salesforce development and consulting firm that got its status from Salesforce. This means that we are recognized as a proven outsourcing services providers. We do outsourcing Salesforce development. And help to create cloud solutions for any business. The Salesforce itself proved our qualification; that’s why this status, PDO, is very important for us.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions issues concerning Salesforce development or Salesforce CRM for business.




Marketing Manager at Synebo

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Anna Kryvulya

Anna Kryvulya

Marketing Manager at Synebo

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