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Chrome Web Store is a magical place where you may find absolutely everything you need for your convenience when using a computer. Likewise, our favourite product is Salesforce logins Chrome extension, which has a lot more than just numerous downloads and nice features.
Within this post you will find some actual elements of Salesforce logins by Synebo and their direct influence on your productivity in a role of a Salesforce developer.

First of all we would like to give many thanks to all who have already installed the product and gave it a try. For those, who started using our product, you have probably seen a tutorial on our YouTube channel on how to use Salesforce logins properly. And for those who will be a beginner, we would like to describe all the fantastic features and entice you to the “side of evil”. By the way, you may get the product absolutely for free and it will remain free on Chrome Web Store.

Mainly the product will raise an interest among Salesforce developers, but certainly it would be also beneficial for other users in case if they have Salesforce credentials and they can easily login in one button click. Anyway, let’s go through each step and get more insight on how every feature might be relevant and useful.

  1. You can easily create accounts from scratch.
    To do this you simply have to click on the extension icon next to the address bar. Then click “new credential” button. Fantastic, but here you can select or create a new group. Just Name it and after that, please, specify a Title, which will be displayed in the credentials list. In case you want to login without verification code, you should enter username, password and token. Also, please do not forget to select organization type. As soon as you click “Save” a new credential will be created. You can see it stored in the new group. For more details you may watch our tutorial on YouTube.

2. You can login to your Salesforce account in new tab, new window or in incognito mode with help of Chrome extension Salesforce logins by Synebo.
One of the key features that we like the most is omnibox login, which also works in incognito mode. You can just enter ‘s’ and space in the address bar and search your credentials without opening the extension!

3. You can fold/unfold and reorder groups by drag’n’drop.
This is absolutely amazing and very convenient since our extension will remember this. You see how awesome it is. Syneboworks to unleash the top value from Salesforce and, therefore, realises how precious must be your time and effort. We tried to simplify certain aspects of work and to bring it to the product.

4. Moreover, you can add custom color and alias for every credential.
Selected color is usually displayed near the record. When you install the product you will see how it works and you will spot that icon colour will be changed and alias will be added to the tab title. You will notice how important this feature is because you definitely have thousands of tabs opened and with this customization you will never lose a tab!

Let us introduce you some other bonus features that will help you to share your credentials.

5. There are three options to share a single credential.
Simple as pie, just copy details.
If you want to provide login access to someone but don’t want to show your password and token, you can get a share link. You may also deactivate this ink any time by deleting it in the session management in your org.
Additionally, you can copy credential JSON, so anyone who uses our extension, will be able to import it in the settings.

6. And the last but not the least feature, which helps to protect your credentials with pin-code. It can be immediate (0 minutes) or delayed.
For instance, if you set an immediate pin code, every time you open the extension, you will be asked to enter the pin code. Security is our everything.

Hope this article was really helpful for you, guys. You may find and download our product on Chrome Web Store. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or propositions, send us an email or simply write your comments to this article. We are here to help. Enjoy using our extension!

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